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Cuneus Netherlands acts as liaison between shipping companies / owners and Cuneus companies abroad which recruit crew members for international shipping. It is the international network of Cuneus that makes it possible to find the right man for the right job.

Careful selection

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As a member of the Cuneus group of companies we can guarantee that careful selection takes place in recruiting your crew member. Your wishes as well as the long experience of the specialized local Cuneus staff ensure the best possible match. When recruiting our staff focusses on Schooling, Training, Experience and Character of the applicant.

Basic requirements

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Before he is admitted to the recruitment procedure the applicant must show to speak and understand the English language en is he medically checked by a locally appointed (insurance) physician. Of course we check the validity of the required certificates.

Proper preparation

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When Cuneus places new recruits on board, they are well prepared for the situation they have to work in. Especially specific circumstances that may apply, such as working on board of an inland vessel. Cultural differences is an important issue in this pre-departure orientation seminar.

Sea shipping

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An important part of the Cuneus Crew works at sea. Cuneus Netherlands arranges the crew changes, Dutch documents (where applicable) and if necessary European medical examinations. Dutch shipping companies are welcome at Cuneus Netherlands for further information.

MLC 2006

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In the maritime industry one of the greatest international conventions with regard to crewing has become law: MLC 2006. Every shipping company has in the mean time been certified. Cuneus companies involved in recruiting for shipping companies are naturally certified as well. With MLC 2006 a significant step has been taken towards properly regulating important issues for our seamen and -women.


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An important issue in MLC 2006 is the documentation of all financial matters concerning your crew. Unfortunately about every shipping company maintains different guidelines in this respect. No standard in that area exists. Cuneus found a way to automize its crew administration in such a way that clients can receive all required documents digitally by simply pushing a button so to speak.

Taken care of

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The administrative burden is getting heavier and heavier so it seems. Not when you engage Cuneus. The expertise of Cuneus Netherlands makes sure that you crew always is properly certified and that you are supplied with the administrative tools to prove it.

Crew changes without a care


Shipping regularly has to do with relieving crew members. Cuneus Netherlands is a specialist in that area. Especially in sea shipping we are confronted with different rules in many countries. Does a crew member need a visa; perhaps a Schengen visa; are visa arranged at the airport? Cuneus is the logistic specialist you can rely to get your crew relieved without worries.



Transport is part of every crew change. From ship to airport or home of the crew member. Cuneus Netherlands works with renowned maritime travel agents, bus- and taxi companies and hotels. That way Cuneus Netherlands is able to offer comfortable, efficient and economic crew changes.


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When Cuneus Netherlands arranges a crew change, two important issues are being integrated: The financial interest of the client and the correct treatment of the crew member. We do this in our own interest: When both client and personnel are satisfied Cuneus benefits the most in the long run.

Internationally inclined

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Within the Cuneus group we are aware like no-one else that thing that are normal or usual in The Netherlands, may be unusual or even strange in other countries. That is why we regularly check the validity of documents and certificates of our crew time and again for correctness and validity. As a matter of practice Cuneus Netherlands keeps abreast of changes and so Cuneus personnel has all required training in time.

Contact details

Cuneus Netherlands
Bohrweg 1
3208 KP Spijkenisse

Telephone: 0181-712314

Free internet on board


Cuneus will provide the ships of its clients with a Wi-Fi router to install in the living quarters. That way our personnel can easily use their own internet subscription for use with the tablet we have given them.