The Philippines


Sea crew


Cuneus provides mainly short-sea shipping companies with Philippine officers and ratings in all categories. In Manila we have our own manning agent which is MLC 2006 certified. All recruited crew members undergo special preparation for their job based on the specific requirements of our clients.

Short sea officers


Cuneus recruits Croatian captains and officers for short sea shipping with competence up to 3000 GT. Quality of recruitment services is guaranteed through ISO 9001 and MLC 2006.

Logistic services


Cuneus offers crew logistics such as planning, visa, travel, airfares. etc. Our experienced staff knows all intricacies of crew changes and the ever changing rules and regulations in .

Inland crew


Cuneus recruits crew in Poland, in The Philippines and in Spain for clients in European inland shipping. We have the complete range of functions from skipper to deckhand in our database.

Offshore scaffolders


Cuneus already provides the offshore industry with experienced scaffolders from our co-operation with Work-Wise. In Croatia we are setting up a school for new scaffolders from where we aim to supply the offshore industry from 2015.

Care support workers


Through the Cuneus recruitment office in Manila we employ people who are experienced in geriatric care. Work permits for Germany are all arranged in cooperation with the foreign office. For your home of the elderly we can place them as care support workers. No more empty rooms caused by personnel-shortage.

Full crew management


For shipping companies Cuneus is able to take over full crew management. All areas may be covered to the extend as required by the client. Planning, recruitment, logistics, food supply, etcetera.

Our international Cuneus group is well equipped to see to all crewing needs of international shipping companies as well as to the special needs of inland shipping companies.

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